MWF Seeking BFF

This morning I was leaving my house to drive to dance class and my car wasn’t there. I checked our outdoor spot, then our indoor spot (we have two!) and nothing. I called Matt to tell him the car was missing.

“Let me look one more time,” I said.

“It’s kind of hard to miss a car in a parking spot,” Matt replied.

After all this time I’m flattered he would give me so much credit.

I went outside again. Nothing.

Some bastard had sauntered right into my alley and stolen my car! Damn him. Or her. (I believe in thief gender equality.)

And then I remembered. Yesterday I drove to get a wax because it was the last on my list of errands. I never drive to the wax place, so by the time my appointment was over I forgot I’d driven and walked home.


This story has…

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money or dream??

Hellooo Tuesday 🙂

It’ll be another short post “about another post”… 🙂

I found this post through another social network.

Someone told me that you would know weather you’ve made the right career decision when you are already at your 30. Ahhh… really??? Way too late, I think..


Anyway, this following post is about making a wise decision between doing what you love and making money.

The way I see this problem is always about being realistic.Paid for doing something you love of course is heaven. But, how wise you can be if there’re always some bills wait to be paid???




Seeking BFF everyday???

When it comes to blog surfing, it’s always great if i found an interesting blog. Just like when I found a blog that recap that television serial, or a blog that covered the story about travelling, or other interesting, amazing experience.I’ve got an email from wordpress and followed the link. And I found this blog ; After I read one article, I can not stop my self to keep scroll to the next article. And, you know, this is office hour!!. HA. Anyway, Rachel’s blog is interesting 🙂

Have a good Friday

Have a nice weekend.

Now, it’s time to back to work :).

Sorry and Thankyou

It’s been along time since I visit my own blog. Kinda guilty though, but really I have no time. Look who’s the busybody here,, hehe..

This week maybe will become one of those memorable days for me. Two of my colleagues resign, and they are the closest friend for me. It’s hard for me to be close with somebody else and talk about my personal problem openly. But this time, I found a few of them, with whom I can see much similarities.

But, you know, life must goes on. Everybody has their own dream and way to reach it. And me, I have to learn to be a stronger day by day.

I will miss you Ucha and M’Riris. See you next time. I hope I can pay your kindness and sincerity. I feel sorry, because until the last day you come to the office, I am still how I used to be, and don’t know how to stop.

Sorry and thank you.

~a friend of mine~

I’ll tell you a story about a friend…

there’s a friend of mine,

this friend will simply smile when we meet in the morning~

and I will smile back spontaneously without realizing it

Even now, morning smile become routine for me, thanks to her.

This friend will make everyone around feel warm because of her kindness.

there’s a moment when I feel my problem is just too hard

This friend just come and give a comforting hug~

The problem not disappeared right away,

but, thanks to this friend, I think the solution come after I calm down a little bit

When I am alone, sometimes I forget that this world isn’t just about me

This friend, she never stop make herself busy with tons of charity works

where she get such energy? I know and maybe you know the answer too

But I don’t think I can see the limit ’till now

And now, why I suddenly miss her? ~



~I am officially missing you ~

Waktu hujan deras dan sedang sendiri di kamar, I miss my family. Petirnya bikin kaget2 dan membuat tdk nyaman.
Saat bangun malam, dan mati lampu, I miss my family. Takut gelap yg ga dibuat-buat.
Ketika pulang malam, ga ada yg jemput, I miss my family. Dulu, ada yg khawatir kalo aku blm pulang pdhal udah sore.
Nonton film keluarga, I miss my family. They are sooooo special!!.
Saat blnja, liat baju buat *ama, *apa, I miss my family.
Kalo sedang sedih, banyak pikiran, stress, I miss my family. Ahh.. Tak ada t4 berbagi.
Ingin makan, tp bingung mau mkn apa. I miss my family. Tak ada yg sebaik masakan ama.
Kalo mau pergi ke suatu tempat yg blm pernah dikunjungin sbelumnya. I miss my family. Saya benar2 buta arah, dan biasanya satu kluarga bisa sibuk kalo aku mau pergi kemana2. Aku emang kayak anak kecil dlm hal satu ini. Ok, this is my weakness!! I will not deny it!
Saat melewatkan sarapan atau ga mkn siang, atau ga mkn malam. I miss my family. Jadi inget,dulu saat br plg slalu ada yg nanya, udah mkn/blm?
Saat demam (aku bkn org yg gampang sakit), I miss my family.
Waktu bingung ambil keputusan, I miss my family. Who know me better than my family??

Hmm.. Baiklah. Mungkin terdengar (eh..terbaca?? Hehehe) “manja”. Menurut aku sih wajar2 aja. Hampir 6 thn jauh dari keluarga, dan udah sampai pada tahap ini. I am proud of myself. I know I could have do it better. But, this level is not bad.
And I miss my family!!


don’t be too serious,.^^

I feel these days are brighter than before. It is just more dynamic, I don’t really know why. There is some changes here and there. Sometimes it can be a normal variants, there’s no much different with usual wild type. You know, polymorphisms DO exist. Another can be a point mutation, a single change in a particular spot. Whether it is have a big effect or not, let’s see. Is it a missense mutation? or nonsense? It also can be a frameshift mutation.
There is another side of this life, that I feel like a newly discovered. Like a novel mutation, the effect still not surely known. Time is flow, of course there is always changes, but also chances. We can’t ignore the conserve part, because it’s like an identity.
After all it is life, if it is a good things, PCR it. Follow one good things with another, polymerase it. It will be better if the chain is complete. Good things will amplified your happiness.
Anyway, bring happiness for your DNA!!!

how long is 15 minutes?

These days, my room not that comfortable anymore. So, I am thinking whether move to the other place will be a good solution. But, I don’t really spare my time to look for another place. Hot whether is the main reason!! The effect of global global warming is really real.

One day, one of my coworker inform me that stu3 (still remember them?) tell her about his really nice room. The facility is good, the room is comfortable etc. I don’t really know where exactly the place is. So, I together with the other 2 coworker go there together, with stu3 as a guide. It is feel like become a foreigner in your own country. He shows the way like a PR (public relation)!, haha… complete with the gesture and voice tone.

One thing that you have to learn is, when someone said 15 minutes walking, consider  about the speed. 15 minutes if walking in a rush? or normal speed? or like in marathon? or while chattering? Actually, I am a little bit suspicious when stu3 said that his boarding house is about 15 minutes walking from the office. And, in fact, with my short step, walking in a rush, and no chattering, maybe (still “maybe”,, ahaha….) I can reach it in 15 minutes. Our feet feel like burned because of the heat. Ahh really,, should learn from this, maybe I need more exercise (and believe my instinct???…. hahaha…)

And, in the end the room failed to reach my expectation.  I am tired, sweating, and a little bit disappointed.

I must be thankful. My room  is better and very spacious.

Ahha.. new visitor at the office, part 3)

One day, I wait the go-home-time lazily. The office hour ended almost 1 hour ago, but I still wait for my friend to go home. And here it go, the Cs vs stu conversation.
Cs: stu2, baju kamu lucu deh ada motif bulet2 nya (trans: your blouse is so cute, there are circle dots print on it).
She say it while playing at stu3 blouse with silly face.
Stu2: I know I am fat. I know…
And than ask around
Stu: she tell me that I am fat, right?
We were just laugh at them. Because the conversation still goes on.
Cs: stu2! .. Bilang aku manis..^^ (still with a silly face)
Stu2 ask around, not really sure about what she heard. We translate it for her.
Stu2:did she said that she is sweet??
And then..
Stu2:how can I know it?? I never taste you.. (Now get her revenge… Haha..)
The silly cs still push stu2 to say yes. Stu2 use a smart escape.
Stu2: I don’t know…
And to me and other who just watch them, she goes ” When something like this happen, it’s good if you pretend that you don’t understand”.
Haha.. True.. Smart escape!!
It’s amusing and interesting at once how stu2 doesn’t give up in this conversation. And after all, they are get a long well!!.

*It’s not to joke around about how advance they are in each other language. It’s about how they still can get closer with the language barrier…^^

Ahha.. new visitor at the office, part 2)

*It just turn out like this. I make the other post just a day after the first part. Haha..

After a few days I know that one of the 3 intern student were placed in my division. And they have a schedule with me as a trainer (or tutor? Yeah.. Something like that). And, after a long time didn’t really talk in english, how can I do this?? of course, the awkward english will still do (haha..). I do read english text everyday, and understand most of it. But to speak in english? It’s different, hehe..
Anyway, I have some unique experiences after these 3 students come. To make it easier, I’ll just use stu1, stu2, and stu3. Stu3 is a boy and the other are girls.
One day, I find that stu1 focusing to her screen. She is not alone, but accompanied by our office Cleaning Service (let’s call her CS1). At first, I didn’t pay too much attention for them. But, because of their silence, and sometimes giggle, and gesture make me curious. And, you know what? They are converse using translate tool on internet. Hahaha.. I never find this before. It’s quite funny for me. And this translator just translate every word literally. Sometimes it’ll give weird sentence. When it’s happen, gesture have a big role. Haha.. It’s hilarius they can throw a joke and giggle, but in silence!. Especially when you just watch them from a distance.
Stu1 and stu2 have a bright personally, it’s match well with CS1. CS1 is a kind of talkative girl and have no ending joke. No wonder, they are become close easily.

*there will be another sequels, hihihi..